Summer Green Fee List For All Fife Golf Courses

Fife is renowned for its beautiful golf courses. The region is home to several prestigious courses, including the Old Course at St Andrews, Elie Golf links, Kingsbarns and Dumbarnie Golf Links. The question is how much do these courses cost to play 18 holes? Our guide below looks at the green fees for all the golf courses in Fife for Summer 2024 these will be broken down into the areas of; St Andrews, The East Neuk, Heartlands of Fife, Levenmouth, Cupar & North Fife, Dunfermline and West Fife.

Green Fee Calculation - Methodology

Our guide is based on a single player, playing an 18 hole round of golf in high season (April – Sept). And the costs are based on a peak weekend green fee.

Fife Green Fee Overview

Summer 2024 Fife golf course green fees range significantly from £14 – £418 depending on factors such as the course’s reputation, facilities, location and whether it is a private or public course.

Below you will find a brief overview of the price ranges by area, continue reading for details of each course.

Fife Golf Course Green Fees Overview Table

*Scottish Residents Rates To Play Golf in Fife

Look out for the courses with a * in the tables below as the star represents courses in Fife that offer Scottish Residents rates which have significant savings on a round for golfers who live in Scotland. Many of the top-tier courses in Fife including Kingsbarns and Dumbarnie have Scottish Residents rates so always enquire when booking. Please note that additional terms and conditions that may apply with the Scottish Residents rate.

Green Fees: St Andrews Golf Courses

St Andrews is home to 10 golf courses including the iconic Old Course. Green fee Summer 2024 prices for an 18-hole round of golf in St Andrews range from £30 – £320 as follows: Balgove Course (£30), Strathtyrum Course (£50), Eden Course (£70), Fairmont Torrance Course (£160), Fairmont Kittocks Course (£160), Jubilee Course (£140), New Course (£140), The Dukes Course (£160 – £200) Castle Course (£170) and the Old Course (£320).

St Andrews Golf Course Green Fees Summer 2024

Green Fees: East Neuk of Fife

The East Neuk of Fife boasts several notable golf courses including Elie, Kingsbarns and Crail Balcomie which all feature in Scotland’s Top 100 golf courses. Green fee prices for an 18-hole round of golf in the East Neuk of Fife range from £36 – £418 as follows: Elie Sports Club(£36), Anstruther Golf Club (£50), Crail, Craighead Links (£120), Crail, Balcomie Links (£160), Elie House Golf Club (£150) and Kingsbarns Golf Links (£418).

East Neuk of Fife Golf Green Fees List 2024

Green Fees: Cupar & North Fife

Cupar & North Fife has a selection of local courses as well as Ladybank and Scotscraig Golf Course which has been an Open Qualifying course multiple times. Also located in this area is Kingarrock Hickory Golf course which is the only Hickory golf course in the UK. Green fees range from £20 – £125 in this area; Falkland Golf Club (£20), Cupar Golf Course (£32), Elmwood Golf Course (£40), St Michaels Golf Club (£40), Drumoig Golf (£50), Kingarrock Hickory Golf (£90) Ladybank Golf Club (£120) and Scotscraig Golf Club (£125)

Cupar and North Fife Golf Green Fees Summer 2024

Green Fees: Levenmouth

Levenmouth is home to the newest golf course in Fife, Dumbarnie Golf Links. There are 6 courses located here which include Leven Links and Lundin Links, both featuring in the Top 100 courses in Scotland. Green fee prices range from £30 – £299; Scoonie Golf Club (£32), Charleton Golf Club (£50), Lundin Ladies Golf Club (£30), Leven Links (£120), Lundin Golf Club (£150) and last but not least Dumbarnie Links (£299).

Levenmouth Fife Golf Green Fees Summer 2024

Green Fees: Heartlands of Fife 

The Heartlands of Fife offer 14 courses, many of which are public courses managed by Fife Golf Trust. This area has more affordable green fees and courses providing an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy the sport. The green fees range from £14 – £65. Auchterderran Golf Course (£14), Cluny Clays (£32), Lochore Meadows (£20), Leslie Golf Club (£15), Kirkcaldy Golf Club (£25), Glenrothes (£28), Cowdenbeath, Dora Golf Club (£29), Lochgelly Golf Club (£35), Kinghorn Golf Club (£32), Dunnikier Park Golf Course (£38), Thornton Golf Club (£50), Burnitisland Golf House Club (£55), Balbirnie Park (£65) Aberdour Golf Club (£65).

Heartlands of Fife Golf Green Fee List

Green Fees: Dunfermline & West Fife 

The last area within Fife is Dunfermline and West Fife which has 5 courses with green fees all priced under £100 for 18 holes. Prices range from £20 – £75. Saline Golf Club (£20), Canmore Golf Club (£35), Pitreavie Golf Club (£49), Forrester Country Park (£75), Pitfirrane Golf Club (£75)

Dunfermline Fife Golf Green Fees Summer 2024

Green Fees, Tee Times & Special Offers in Fife. 

It’s important to note that prices can change over time. The prices detailed are based on information available as of June 2023. It’s advisable to contact the clubs directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on green fees, tee times, and any special offers that may be on offer, including the Scottish Residents rate.