By the Seaside: Heritage, Healing, and New Horizons

By the Seaside: Heritage, Healing, and New Horizons is an interdisciplinary museum exhibition organized by postgraduate museology students at the University in St. Andrews in collaboration with the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther.

By the Seaside

The exhibit delves into the vital interconnectivity between humanity and the blue spaces that surround us, adopting an interdisciplinary lens in order to explore how this symbiosis significantly manifests across history, art, psychology, and the sciences.

The show's official podcast, 'Sound Waves', academic blog, social media challenges, and curated curriculum and learning packs sent to local schools are a few examples of programming supplementing the physical objects of the exhibition, painting a complex story of blue space in Scotland.

We urge our audience to come with us to the seaside, in order that they may simultaneously rekindle childhood nostalgia and joys while gaining a new perspective on nature, mindfulness, the spirit of place, and forms of leisure. An online opening of the exhibition, including speaker Dr. James Grellier from the University of Exeter's 'BlueHealth Project' of 2020 sponsored by the EU, will occur on the evening of the 20th.


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